Save energy with aerothermics

Aerothermics is energy from renewable sources that make use of the energy in the air to use it in the production of hot water, heating and air conditioning of houses.

SR Promotors is a pioneer in the use of Aerothermics in our development of flats in Travessera de Gràcia, Barcelona.

The energy naturally contained in the air, in the form of temperature, is available virtually endlessly, as it is regenerated by natural means (heating by the sun), therefore aerothermics can be considered renewable. Using this energy, you can produce heat and hot water in a less pollutant manner, achieving energy savings of up to 75%.

Source: Wikipedia

Advantages of an aerothermal system:

  • High efficiency and less operating costs
  • Maximum savings with low temperature heating systems
  • It is possible to obtain cold (cooling) in summer, by inverting the cycle
  • Clean energy. Low CO2 emissions
  • Smoke extraction chimneys are not necessary
  • Medium-low payback period