Maintenance manual for your new house

You have just moved into your new home and you want to keep it in a goods state for as long as possible. Although all buildings age with time, you can help to keep it young.

Treat your flat or house with the same care as your body: hygiene, breathing, moisturising, antioxidants, detoxifying...

Due to our long experience in building new single family or multifamily houses, we have seen without any doubt that the state of the house is directly proportional to how it is used and maintained.

In both exterior and interior finishes, as well as installations, the user can have an effect on their service life. Actions as simple as daily ventilation of the house can avoid dampness by condensation. It is also possible to avoid blocking drains by not disposing of solid or difficult to dissolve objects in them. These are just two examples of a range of actions that can help to maintain the house in good working order.

Our Manual contains a series of recommendations about use and maintenance of the house, with the aim of facilitating work planning and, why not, to suggest different habits regarding maintenance culture.