Access a social housing home

If you are thinking about accessing a social housing home (Vivienda de Protección Oficial -VPO, in Catalan: HPO) you must register as an HPO applicant in the “Registre de l’Habitatge de Catalunya”. We hope the information and links below will be of help.

Our social housing homes in the Parets del Vallès development belong to ZONE A.

The Vivienda de Protección Oficial (VPO or HPO, also known as Home with Public Protection or Protected Home) is a type of home with a limited price and, almost always, partially subsidised by the Spanish public administration.

The aim of the VPO is to help citizens with lower incomes to purchase or rent decent homes at affordable prices.

The different Autonomous Communities have their own legislation on this issue, so there is no single regime for the whole country.

For a house to be classifiable as VPO or HPO, the public administration establishes a series of legal requirements for the house (size and maximum price) as well as for the buyer (maximum income, typically expressed in multiples of the IPREM, non-availability of another house, registered as resident in the territory governed by the administration in question, etc.). If the number of potential purchasers exceeds the offer of VPO, Administrations use lotteries to award the homes.

Source: Wikipedia